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01.09.2017: September 2017

Greetings to you all,

Admittedly, I am not the best at keeping my website updated. It is a question of time.

There is much going on and it has been an amazing year. I did no tours with Klaus Ambrosch outside of Austria this summer, as last year we were in the US , and 2 years ago in the UK. I just enjoyed being near home and going into the mountains and hanging out on the banks of a mountain lake under a shade tree, playing my guitar and reading a book. Isn't that enough?

I spent 5 months recording and producing  the 1st album of a young woman singer-songwriter Bea Serein "Hourglass". Some internationally active musician contributed: Austrian musicians Peter Herbert on upright bass, Reinhardt Winkler on drums, Norwegian Weissenborn player Knut Hem,and from the US...electric guitar player Arkadiy Yushin, and Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner on vocals and string arrangements.

I invite you to have a listen and learn about Bea's music. She is now living in the Chicago area:

I was also involved in a large voice over project (english to german) for a Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat.

My band "The Living Trees" also did some cool gigs in 2016 & 2017, notable was in November 2016 at Schloss Freiberg. There are videos on youtube to be seen.

In September 2017 I will be recording the Viennesse band "Go Go Gorillo"...a post 60's retro punk band.

In August 2017 I taught Songwiting for the 4th time at the "3 Days of Music" workshop put on in Gleisdorf by Jazz singer Simone Kopmajer and drummer Reinhardt Winkler. It was, as it is each year, a great experiance.

I am also considering recording a solo album again...just acoustic guitar and voice. let's see what the year brings.

Best wishes to all of you who have come to my sight.....good health and happiness!!!

Chuck LeMonds

14.06.2016: Summer of 2016

There are a few very extra ordinary concerts coming up in July and August 2016! On Saturday, July 2nd, we have organized a house concert in Ungerdorf near Gleisdorf where some very dear old friends from Madison, Wisconsin will be playing with Klaus Ambrosch and I:Multi-Instrumentalists Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner who toured in Austria in the 90's with their band "The Common Faces",and have also played and sung harmonies on many of my albums,will contribute their considerable talents to 2 concerts in Austria. To reserve a place at the house concert,please write us at:

Other good news is that electric guitarist Klaus Ambrosch and I,are currently finishing our first duo album "A Walking Paradise" which we worked on most of the winter. It should be done and available by July 19th,2016.

AND on Saturday, July 16th I will play with my 4-piece band "The Live-in-Trees" on the grounds of an old castle ruins "Alt-Ruine Schieleiten near Stubenberg See!It's limited to 300 people,and the ruins,which will be behind the stage, will be lit up with special lighting. So if you like to dance in an unusal ambient,then please come out this night! The "Live-in-Trees" are: Reinhardt Winkler on drums, Gerald Gradwohl on electric guitar,and Beate Wiesinger on bass.


I will be doing a short tour in the mid-west USA in July and August 2016 playing in Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin. Exact dates and times are on my website calender.

On Saturday,November 26th I will be playing with my band "The Live-in-Trees" at Schloss Freiberg near Gleisdorf. This will be an official Rhythm & Paint event with special guest, visualizer and artist Chris Scheuer painting live. Tickets are now available at:

30.08.2015: Summer of 2015

The summer of 2015 has been outstanding in many ways. I did my first tour in the UK with electric guitarist Klaus Ambrosch in July. Then spent some vacation time in Lower Austria along the Czech Republic border,an amazing and enchanting area. I took a time out to write songs at the beginning of August at a rural retreat near the HUngarian border,and then drove to Budapest and took part in the Ripoff Raskolnikov 60th Birthday All-Star Concert,held in a beautiful court yard with massive trees along the Danube River. There was a festival stage and PA system and about 900 people came. A great group of musicians from Hungary, Austria,the US, UK took part and it was definately a 3 hour celebration from beginning to end! I drove from Budapest back to Austria with Ismael Barrios,a legendary percussionist living Graz, Austria getting home at 6am. I slept 2 hours and drove to the next gig at an old ruin of a castle in Stubenberg See and played 2 1/2 hours for a brunch with 50 visitors! The last week in August,I taught songwriting at "Three Days of Music" in Gleisdorf at the music school and put on by Simone Kopmajer,who taught vocals,Peter Natter on sax, Gerald Gradwohl on e-guitar, Karen Asatrian,piano, Raphael Preuschl on bass and Reingard Winkler on drums. It was a very inspirational 3 days!

In September there are some good gigs coming up as well!

Oh yeah...and Klaus Ambrosch and I are planning a Duo album to document all the years we played in duo!

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming gigs! Chuck

30.08.2015: The Rivers Call: Review from Americana UK

“The dictionary definition of sublime (which I’m sure you could look up but I will save you the trouble here) is: “inspiring deep veneration, awe, or uplifting emotion because of its beauty, nobility, grandeur, or immensity”. And there you have – this record in a nutshell.”

“An American artist domiciled in Austria, Chuck LeMonds is a new name to Blabber’n'Smoke although The Rivers Call is apparently his ninth album. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, LeMonds has an interesting back history, detailed on his website, which anticipates a dyed in the wool old time feel to his music but instead he inhabits a world where poetry and lyricism marry fluid and supple instrumentation with a light, airy, almost Joni Mitchell feel.”

“This turns out to be a really tasty CD. And considering The Rivers Call is but the latest in a long series of (nine) album releases since 1988, I'm so surprised I've not heard Chuck's music before. It may just be that those earlier albums weren't anything like as good as this latest, I guess, but who'm I to say? Instead, let's go solely on the evidence of The Rivers Call, which presents a sequence of nine songs that both impress at once with their delicate, light touch and yet contain a heady, intimate soulfulness that's equally irresistible.”

Americana UK: Writers Best Albums of 2013! Music journalist Paul Villers chooses the new album from Chuck LeMonds "The Rivers Call" as his favorite for 2013. "Its simple really. You put the cd in the player. You play the cd. If you’re still playing the cd at the end of the year then it’s a winner. This record is just exquisite. Cerebral and emotional at the same time. Win/win."”


02.06.2015: UK Tour/ Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch von 2. Juli bis 13. Juli, 2015

This is our first tour in the UK and it's shaping up quite well.We will be in the UK from July 2nd til July 13th!

Our dates so far are:

July 4th: Todmorden/ Americana Festival

July 5th: Birmingham/ Kitchen Garden Cafe opening for

Hannah Aldridge and Band!

July 6th: Leicestershire/Acoustic Club

July 8th: Berwick-Upon Tweed/ Barrels Ale House

July 9th: Dundee/Clarks on Lindsey

July 10th: Gateshead/ The Schooner

Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch Tour in the UK July 2015

Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch Tour in the UK July 201531.03.2015:

I'm very happy to announce that I will be doing some gigs in the UK the first two weeks of July with an old friend and exceptional electric guitarist Klaus Ambrosch. We have been working together for about 17 years now in a duo, as well in every other imaginable formation!

25.02.2015: National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences

I received a mail yesterday that I've been accepted as a voting member of the Recording Academy,and therefore can take part in the Grammy Awards process. I'm very pleased about this honor and connection to this community!

18.12.2014: Ismael Barrios und Chuck LeMonds bei Pierre's Bar in Graz am 18. Dezember um 20 Uhr

I'm looking very much forward to playing with Ismael in Graz where we'll be doing a bunch of my new songs!

29.05.2014: Many really fine concerts are planned this summer!

Tonight my series of summer concerts is starting in Obersteiermark Trofaiach in an old castle for a songwriters series called "Tower of Song"! I got a call from the promoter yesterday,that it's almost sold out! That always feels good. In July(03rd,4th,5th,& 6th) I will be playing 4 gigs with a fantastic rhythm section consisting of Reinhardt Winkler on drums and Herfried Knapp on bass! We will play in a trio which has it's challenges and it's pleasures! On July 19th & 20th, I have 2 house concerts with an excellent songwriter from New Foundland, Canada: Ian Foster (

Other concerts are being planned at this time and will be announced. I also have been invited to take part in a music workshop from August 25th to the 28th in Gleisdorf:3 Days of Music. I'll be teaching songwriting and working with an ensemble!

I very much hope to see you at a gig this summer. If you'd like to book a concert or have questions,please contact me at:

Thanks, Chuck

Neue Album/CD von Chuck LeMonds

Neue Album/CD von Chuck LeMonds 11.11.2013:

Das neue CD von Chuck LeMonds "The Rivers Call" is ab jetzt erhältlich bei:

Oder in Österreich direkt bei:

16.10.2013: Tournee in Deutschland und der Niederland im Oktober 2013

I'll be traveling through Germany and the Netherlands in October meeting some old and new friends and making some music in cool clubs!

27.09.2013: My new CD

My 9th album "The CCIE Data Center lab workbook Rivers Call" is now finished and soon available as CD and downloadable at I-Tunes and Amazon.

The CD is available at

or through direct ordering at:

It has been released on my new label MB2-703 exams "Live-In-Trees Music"!


19.09.2013: Small tour with Josh Harty in September 2013

I'm really happy 70-662 exams to announce that I'll be doing some gigs with Josh Harty  September 13-22 2013 in Austria! We met a few years ago when doing a house concert in Madison,Wisconsin when I was releasing my last album! Josh is a great singer/songwriter and have a look!

CCIE Wireless Lab Workbook


23.03.2013: Julia Motz album is finished for release!

Since last summer,I've been working on Julia Motz' new recording,her first release of a fine collection of her songs! We recorded and mixed it at Live-In-Trees Studios and then mastered it in the Czech Republic at Velvet Mastering. The album "So Close" will be presented on Friday, April 5th in the cafe at the Kunsthaus in Graz at 8pm!For details and to hear a few cuts:

30.10.2011: 3 Videos from a Session in Wisconsin

In August I was at home and recorded 3 songs at Ivar Lunde's Skyline Studio's in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with two musician friends,a national treasure and blues guitarist Howard Leudtke and Grammy nominated flutist Peter Phippen.. We've been working together for 25 years and I've recorded a number of projects with both. Both have also come to Austria to travel and play as part of my tours here in Europe.

We filmed our recording session and will be releasing the video's hopefully by the end of this year. The songs will be released only as downloads.


I have also been working on a one hour meditation CD with Petra Schaller called "Fliegen". It will be done by Christmas. We will release it on my new label "Live-In-Trees Music".

19.08.2011: I'll be doing a few gigs and a studio session with friends in Wisconsin when I'm back in the US this summer.

It looks like a gig is planned for Friday,August 19th in RIver Falls, Wisconsin with the Chris Silver Band.

I'll also be doing a studio session with Grammy nominated producer/flutist Peter Phippen and a musical national treasure guitarist Howard Leudtke in a studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

05.12.2010: 3 More DJ's in the Netherlands play songs from

In the past few days, we've gotten news that 3 more DJ's in the Netherlands have begun to play some songs from "LeMonds"!

Thanks to DJ Paul van Gelder, who has a syndicated radio program, the song "Life Insurance With The NRA" has been played on 5 stations!

Many thanks to DJ Jos van Boom for playing "Keep It To Ourselves" on his program Crossroads!

And much gratitude to DJ Michael van Brugge for playing a song on his program Landslide!

The first DJ in Holland to add a song was Peter van Zeijl, who then passed my music onto Radio Girl Johanna J. Bodde.... thanks so much for introducing your audiences to my music!

16.11.2010: "LeMonds" wird in der US, Holland und Australia am Roots und Folk Radiosendungen gespielt!

I'd like to thank all the radio stations internationally that are playing some of my songs! Hope to see you in the coming year!

Out Of The Woods in Concord, New Hampshire with DJ Jon Colcord of WNEC Radio

Back Woods in California with DJ Laurie DesJardins of KVMR Radio----

Saturday Cafe in Eugene, Oregon with Frank Gosar of KLCC Radio -----

Transition Radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico at KBAC-FM 98.1 FM ------

Hootenanny Power in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Taylor Caffery of WRKF-FM  

Grass Roots Revival in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Stephen Harris

Folk and Acoustic in Miami, Florida with Michael Stock of WLRN Radio ----

Modern Troubadours in Indiana, Pennsylvania with James Rogers of WIUP-FM Radio

Folk and Roots in Melbourne, Australia with Colin Fielding

Radio Girl in Holland with Johanna J. Bodde for Dollard Radio

Folk en Zo in Holland with Peter van Zeijl for Dollard Radio

15.11.2010: "LeMonds wird im Radio in Holland gespielt!!!

Peter van Zeijl von Dollard Radio in Holland hat eine Folk und Blues Sendung am Mittwoch und spielt Chuck's neueste CD "LeMonds" am beiden Programe!

Chuck´s neue CD ist fertig!

Chuck´s  neue CD ist fertig!28.06.2010:

Die neue CD von Chuck LeMonds ist fertiggestellt und ab sofort im Handel erhältlich. Sie trägt den Titel: "LeMonds". Das Cover wurde von Chris Scheuer gestaltet.
Die neuen Songs gibt es am 7.7.2010 in der Brücke in Graz und am 9. und 10. Juli jeweils in Schloss Freiberg (für diese beiden Termine bitte per E-Mail voranmelden!) live zu hören.
Für alle die nicht kommen können: Hier eine kleine Kostprobe von "LeMonds" 

Chuck LeMonds arbeitet an seiner 8. CD

Chuck LeMonds arbeitet an seiner 8. CD30.09.2009:

Chuck LeMonds is working currently on his 8th studio project, which he is recording in the tower of an Austrian castle where he has set up his studio.

It will be recorded partly in Austria and then tracks added in Wisconsin, USA with musicians that Chuck has played and toured with during his 30 year music career: mandolinist and guitarist Chris Silver, singer,cello  and bass player Mary Gaines and her partner violinist, singer, mandolinist, multi-instrumentalist Chris Wagner. For the first time Chuck will be presenting the work of Belarussia born guitarist Arkadiy Yushin. The release is planned for the winter of 2010.