Ghost In The Wishing Well

Chuck LeMonds
Live in Tree Music
Producer: Chuck LeMonds
Number of discs: 1

released January 30, 2019

Produced by Chuck LeMonds
Recorded & Mixed by Chuck LeMonds
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering, Minneapolis, Minn.

Chuck LeMonds – acoustic guitar, vocals, keybords
Peter Herbert – Upright bass
Knut Hem – dobro, Weissenborn guitar, lap steel
Arkadiy Yushin – electric guitar, fretless bass
Simone Kopmajer – vocals on choir, choir arrangement
Stefanie Sommerhofer – vocals on choir
Luise Enzinger – vocals on choir
Gernot Muhr – flute
Stephan Rausch – harmonica
Gerhard Burger – accordian
photos – Bianca Scharler or as noted on booklet.
graphic design: Miriam Schaller

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