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  • 04 april 2024
    Chuck LeMonds & Gottfried Gfrerer / Kulturkeller Gleisdorf
    Kulturkeller Gleisdorf
  • 16. May 2024
    Chuck LeMonds & Saxofonist Rob Cooper/ Die Brücke
    Grabenstrasse 39a, 8010 Graz
  • 24. May 2024
    Chuck LeMonds & Saxofonist Rob Cooper, Institut Wagner, Lebring
    Römerstraße 19, 8403 Lebring-St. Margarethen, labor@institut-wagner.at

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Chuck LeMonds

What Music Journalists say

  • The dictionary definition of sublime (which I’m sure you could look up but I will save you the trouble here) is: “inspiring deep veneration, awe, or uplifting emotion because of its beauty, nobility, grandeur, or immensity”. And there you have – this record in a nutshell.
    Paul Villers - Americana UK (The Rivers Call)
  • Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, LeMonds has an interesting back history, detailed on his website, which anticipates a dyed in the wool old time feel to his music but instead he inhabits a world where poetry and lyricism marry fluid and supple instrumentation with a light, airy, almost Joni Mitchell feel.
    Paul Kerr/UK - Blabber &Smoke (The Rivers Call)
  • He is an excellent vocalist with a warm, expressive, versatile voice that is able to draw the listener into the musical pictures he paints regardless of genre.
    Mike Morrison (AmericanrootsUK)
  • Americana UK: Writers Best Albums of 2013! Music journalist Paul Villers chooses the new album from Chuck LeMonds ``The Rivers Call`` as his favorite for 2013. ``It’s simple really. You put the cd in the player. You play the cd. If you’re still playing the cd at the end of the year then it’s a winner. This record is just exquisite. Cerebral and emotional at the same time. Win/ win.
    Paul Villers (Americana UK)
  • In fact, LeMonds manages to wrap even difficult themes into songs that do not point out problems and grievances with the index finger, but convinces the audience first with aesthetic qualities.
    Walter Titz (Kleine Zeitung, Austria 2019)

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