Living Trees Audio

Living Trees Audio is a space where creative minds can unpack and, in a relaxed atmosphere,
work on getting the best sound and feel for the music being recorded.

Songwriting, Jazz & Blues, Acoustic Music

Audio Clips


Studio Equipment

Equipment List


Chandler TG Microphone
Telefunken Copperhead
Brauner Phantom
Schoeps MK2 stereo set (omni)
Telefunken M82 kick mic
Telefunken M80 vocal
Line Audio CM3 stereo set
Audix D4
Audix OM7
2x – RM 6 Bumble Bee Ribbon Mics
Shure SM57


4- Gordon Mic pre
2- BAE 1073 MP
1- UA 610 tube w/ optical compressor
2- Pendulum SPS-1 stereo w/ parametric eq
2- SPL Gold Mic tube
2- Line Audio pre

AD/DA conversion:

Burl Audio B80 Mothership 16 in/ 24 out

Connection with Audio over Ethernet/Soundgrid

Burl Audio B32 Vancouver 32 x 2 Mix Buss

Lynx Aurora 16
Cables: Mogami


1- Chandler  TG1 Limiter EMI  Abbey Road- Stereo/2 Mono
1- UA optical compressor
1- Tube Tech CL1B
2- DBX 160A


Amphion One18

Amphion 500 watt power amp

recording room
Recording a vocal track with Jörg Haberl
Recording solo drum album with Thomas DeMartin
recording room
Peter Herbert adding bass to songs on "Ghost in the Wishing Well"
Chandler TG Microphone
Rosenberger Christmas songs
Recording 5 songs with Chris Silver
Recording Andrea's audio book "Mama"

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