Mississippi Angel

Chuck LeMonds
Chuck LeMonds
Producer: Chuck LeMonds
Number of discs: 1

Chuck LeMonds, is an artist who has been living in Europe now for 17 years. He writes songs and performs them on acoustic guitar with his Austrian band and solo. In the USA, he is known to a circle of music lovers who have continually collected his recordings. „Mississippi Angel“ is his newest release and is his 7th.

Mississippi Angel” is Chuck LeMonds’ first solo recording. It was recorded in an old castle built in the 1400’s, Schloss Freiberg”, near where Chuck now lives in Austria. He lived in this castle for more than 3 years back in the 90’s.
The recording gear was set up under the chandelier in the baroque concert hall at the center of the room. Chuck engineered the recording himself and spent 3 weeks working to find the heart of each song.
The finished recording was then sent to Eric Spitzer-Maryln to be mixed and mastered. Eric teaches recording at the Film Academy in Vienna and works closely with filmmaker Werner Herzog among many others and records many of the best acoustic guitar albums in Austria.

The album “Mississippi Angel” is a collection of quiet contemplative songs which could be a sound track for a film or perhaps the music to sit by a river under a shade tree in the summer and watch the river flow and dream.

The story flows from moments of not wanting to let go of that which has already been lost: loss and love, to chasing after something that is just up ahead but out of sight hoping it’s better than where you came from: illusions, and to grief about that which will never be touched again or smelled and tasted.

Track number 6 “Side of the Road” is a song written after Chuck LeMonds found an old man lying on the side of the road and tried to keep him alive. It’s written from the perspective of the old man hovering above the scene watching with one foot in this world and one in the other.

“Must Have Said The Wrong Thing” is a humorous jab, highlighting what can happen when one says the wrong thing at the right time.

There are also three lovely instrumental pieces on this recording which show off Chuck LeMonds’ often understated musicianship and musicality.

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