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14.10.2018: Lesung: Andrea Wolfmayr mir Chuck LeMonds in der Kunstgarten, Graz

For more info:

29.09.2018: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch Duo/ Tonkeller in Horn, Niederösterreich

Kunsthaus Horn


Wienerstrasse 2

3580 Horn

23.08.2018: ORF Hör & Seebühne mit Clemens Setz & Chuck LeMonds

16.07.2018: 3 Days of Music in Gleisdorf: Songwriting and more

3 Days of Music, and music workshop for vocals, sax, bass, electic guitar, drums, piano, vibraphone, and songwriting.

For more info:

06.07.2018: Chuck LeMonds, Ripoff Raskolnikov, Klaus Ambrosch, & Ismael Barrios bei Am Berner

For mor info:

03.07.2018: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch Duo in Kärnten

To be anounced!

10.02.2018: House Concert in Vienna: Chuck LeMonds & Gottfried Gfrerer For info contact:

If you are interested in coming, please contact Dorothea and she will send you the info asto where we will be playing in the 19th district of Vienna!!

Thanks and hope to see you!

10.10.2017: Book Reading with Andrea Wolfmayr/ Music: Chuck LeMonds solo um 19 Uhr

Andrea Wolfmayr is one of the finest Austrian authors and also has a gift for reading her texts, which not all authors are able to do! She is presenting her newest book.

Chuck LeMonds will play songs between text passages.

23.09.2017: Slow Flowers von Hügel / Chuck LeMonds Trio & Songwriter Ian Foster (canada)

This is an amazing flower festival and we will be playing in the middle of a field of flowers, hopefully on a sunny day!

I will be with my new trio including Klaus Ambrosch on e- guitar and vox, and Heidrun Hermann on bass and vox.

Canadian Songwriter Ian Foster will be joined by Singer Nancy Hynes. he is an outstanding songwriter and story teller, as well as film maker and producer.

This is a wonderful event, especially if you love flowers and great music!

22.09.2017: Chuck LeMonds Trio & Songwriter aus Kanada Ian Foster bei Gasthaus Saulauf/ Gleisdorf

This is a great opportunity to see the new line up with Chuck LeMonds, Klaus Ambrosch (e-guitar & vox) and Heidrun Hermann (bass & vox).

Our special guest is Songwriter Ian Foster from New Foundland, Canada and Singer Nancy Hynes.

Gasthaus Saulauf is near Schloss Freiberg/ Gleisdorf


21.08.2017: Chuck LeMonds: Songwriting Workshop at 3 Days of Music in Gleisdorf

August 21- 23

Gleisdorf, Austria

24.05.2017: Chuck LeMonds & Live-In-Trees bei der Kernölbühne Auer/Groß Steinbach

Gerald Gradwohl-e-guitar

Reinhardt Winkler-drums

Beate Wiesinger-bass

19.05.2017: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch at Cafe Schalgers in Birkfeld at 7:30 pm

29.04.2017: Chuck LeMonds, Klaus Ambrosch, Ripoff Raskolnikov & Ismael Barrios in Grabherhaus/Fürstenfeld

28.01.2017: Chuck LeMonds & Live-In-Trees in Graz bei der Eschenlaube um 21 Uhr

Gerald Gradwohl - electric guitar

Beate Wiesinger - bass

Reinhardt Winkler - drums

Chuck LeMonds - acoustic guitar, vocals, songs


26.11.2016: Rhythm & Paint Concert: The Live-in-Trees with Chris Scheuer painting at Schloss Freiberg near Gleisdorf

This will be a special event with the legendary artist Chris Scheuer presenting Rhythm & Paint. Chuck and Chris have done Rhythm & Paint sessions in Germany,Austria and Spain over the past 20 years!

The band is: Reinhardt Winkler on drums, Gerald Gradwohl on electric guitar, and Beate Weisinger on bass.


24.11.2016: CD-Presentation: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch at the Brücke/ Graz at 8 pm

07.10.2016: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch at Cafe Deja Vu in Weiz at 9pm

04.10.2016: Chuck LeMonds solo at book reading by Anderea Wolfmayer in Gleisdorf at 19:30 Uhr

01.10.2016: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch bei Lange Nacht der Museen in Hartberg bei Biosphäre um 18 Uhr



Am Ökopark 20

8230 Hartberg

at 6pm til 10 pm

19.08.2016: Chuck LeMonds solo at Hotel Raffel in Jennersdorf, Austria

04.08.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds and friends at the Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

31.07.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds and special guest Howard "Guitar" Luedtke at Snouts Saloon in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

29.07.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds and Chris Silver at Junior's Bar in River Falls, Wisconsin

28.07.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds and Chris Silver at Palmers Bar in Minneapolis,Minnesota

22.07.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds at Bombfire Pizza in Sabula, Iowa

21.07.2016: USA: Chuck LeMonds and friends at Trempeleau Hotel in Trempeleau, Wisconsin

16.07.2016: The Live-In-Trees w/ Chuck LeMonds at Burgruine Schieleiten bei Stubenberg See 21 Uhr

I played last summer here for an amazing brunch amidst the old castle walls! This time I will have my new band "The Live-In-Trees" and we'll be performing at night with colored lights lighting up the ancient walls! This I believe will be a great night!


Chuck LeMonds: vocals, songs,acoustic guitar

Reinie Winkler: drums

Gerald Gradwohl: electric guitar, vox

11.07.2016: 3 Days of Music/ Music Workshop at the Gleisdorf Music School July 11-13th

I have the great honor of having been invited to work with musicians on their songs and approach to songwriting! Plus there are great opportunities for guitarists,bassists, vocalists,pianists,sax players! A great atmosphere to learn and take part in jam sessions!

03.07.2016: Concert in the Forest in Kärnten bei Villach: Chuck LeMonds,Klaus Ambrosch, Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner

This is the 2nd concert with Mary Gaines, Chris Wagoner and Klaus Ambrosch! If the weather is good ,we will play in a beatiful mountain forest!

02.07.2016: House Concert with Chuck LeMonds, Klaus Ambrosch, Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner

This will be a very special concert with old friends Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner from Madison,Wisconsin as our guests. The husband and wife duo are both multi-instrumentalists and exceptional singers too! They have been involved in tons of major studio sessions such as  with Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Freedy Johnston,Carrie Newcomer to name just a few of their projects. Chris will bring his violin,and Mary her cello.

Klaus Ambrosch,who has been playing with Chuck since 1998,will be playing electric guitar and adding his fine vocal harmonies! There are 35-40 reservations possible. If you are interested please write:


30.04.2016: The Live-In-Trees w/ Chuck LeMonds at organic Farm Scharler/Plant Market in Wetzewinkel

My new band will be performing at the Scharler's farm at their yearly plant market! It has become an institution with hundreds of people showing up to get their plants and to eat fantastic food and organic wines from Austria...and of course this year you'll be treated to "The Live-In-Trees"! A mix of groove,americana,country soaked, swamp funk!

For Info:

09.04.2016: The Live-In-Trees w/ Chuck LeMonds in Kultur Keller, Gleisdorf, Austria

This is the premier of my new band "The Live-In-Trees"!

Chuck LeMonds: songs,acoustic guitar, vocals

Reinie Winkler: Drums

gerald Gradwohl: electric guitar,vox

Beate Weisinger: bass, vox


11.03.2016: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch im Duo/in der Marenzi Keller, Leibnitz um 20 Uhr

We will be playing songs from our upcoming album which we are currently recording,as well as some funky swamp stomping tunes and ballads, and blues soaking with country tear drops!

19.02.2016: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch im Duo/Weiz, Cafe DeJa Vu um 20:30

This is our first gig in Cafe Deja Vu and we will be playing songs from out album which we are now recording!

Cafe Deja Vu

Rathausgasse 3

8160 Weiz

03172/ 41186

04.10.2015: Trio: Chuck LeMonds, Klaus Ambrosch, Ismael Barrios/ Chattauquafest in Flamberg,STMK

This will be a very special festival on a small organic farm in south Styria near 8505 St. Nikolai im Sausal

Flamberg 32



22.09.2015: Songwriting Workshop for Borg Birchfeld September 22-24th, 2015

19.09.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch im Duo/ House Concert, Olbendorf, Burgendland

This is a house concert with Klaus Ambrosch on electric guitar and is open to the public! If you want more information,please write me at:

Start time: 7pm

05.09.2015: Chuck LeMonds Solo/ Blumenfest & Buchpräsentation

Starting time: 10am -8pm

Hugel Eichkoegl

8322 Erbersdorf 1

near Gleisdorf in der Steiermark

24.08.2015: 3 Days of Music Workshop in Gleisdorf, Austria: Songwriting August 24-26th

09.08.2015: Chuck LeMonds Solo/ Brunch at Alt Schloss Schieleiten bei Stubenberg

08.08.2015: Chuck LeMondsat Ripoff Raskolnikov's 60th Birthday Gig in Budepest, Hungary

Club to be announced!

07.08.2015: Chuck LeMonds with Ripoff Raskolnikov in Budapest, Hungary

Club to be announced!

16.07.2015: Chuck LeMonds Solo/Vineyard & Hotel Harkamp

Hotel and vineyard Harkamp is one of the most beautiful places in southern Styria! Heinz will be setting up his open-air kitchen to prepare all kinds of good things to eat! There is great wine and an excellent atmosphere to spend a warm summer evening!

10.07.2015: UK Tour/Gateshead/ The Schooner/ Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch

09.07.2015: UK Tour/Dundee/ Clarks on Lindsey/ Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch

08.07.2015: UK Tour/ Berwick-Upon Tweed/ Barrels Ale House/ Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch

06.07.2015: UK Tour/Leicestershire, Acoustic Club

For information about this gig contact:

John Montague

Phone: 07703-648007

05.07.2015: UK Tour/Birmingham in Kitchen Garden Cafe/ Chuck & Klaus Ambrosch

04.07.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch/ Americana Music Festival in Todmorden, UK

This will be our first tour in the UK together and we are very much looking forward to greeting a new audience!

17.05.2015: Chuck LeMonds solo/ house concert in the southern styrian wine region

Please write for exact details as to how to get to the house concert:

29.04.2015: Chuck LeMonds Solo/ Blumau Hotel Ragner

24.04.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty in Schwitzerland at S-KA in Altnau

Altnau is near Konstanz! It is a very cool little club near the lake!

21.04.2015: House Concert: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty In Nitschadorf bei Gleisdorf

This will be held in a renovated farm house where I used to live! A very beautiful place!

For more information please write to me at:

19.04.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty/House Concert in Großsteinbach/Steirmark

For more Info about the house concert,please write:

18.04.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty at Cafe Schlagers in Birkfeld, Austria

Josh & Chuck will be playing at Cafe Schlagers for the first time this year! It's a great room where it's possible to play without a PA. A small town in the middle of beautiful mountains!

17.04.2015: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty bei der Brücke in Graz, Austria

Chuck & Josh will play at the Brücke for the 2nd year in a row together,and will each do a solo set,and then a set together! The entire concert will be  recorded!

 Anfangszeit: 20 Uhr

18.12.2014: Chuck LeMonds and percussionist Ismael Barrios at Pierre's Bar in Graz 20 Uhr

Pierre's Bar is on Lendplatz in Graz 20 Uhr

25.08.2014: Music Workshop "3 Days of Music" Gleisdorf

A music workshop for all interested.

I will be teaching songwriting and work with an ensemble!


20.07.2014: House Concert Ian Foster(Canada) and Chuck LeMonds in Berghausen, Süd-Steiermark

A very special house concert with songwriter Ian Foster from New Foundland, Kanada!

for info:

19.07.2014: House Concert Ian Foster(Canada) and Chuck LeMonds near Gleisdorf, Austria 7pm

Start: 7pm

I will be doing a few concerts with Ian Foster in July.

For the house concerts please write for exact information where it is:

Telefon: 0699/17061401

Ian Foster:

19.07.2014: Chuck LeMonds Solo at Brunch in Süd-Steiermark Hotel an der Weinstrasse 9:30am - 12:30 pm

06.07.2014: Trio/ Am Berner bei Bad Waltersdorf mit Reini Winkler/drums und Herfried Knapp/bass

Info: www.amberner

05.07.2014: In Trio bei Outdoor Festival Traverse in Königsdorf, Burgenland with Reini Winkler/drums and Herfried Knapp/bass

This is a festival with 6 bands at a beautiful site on an old farm!

Königsdorf, Burgendland

04.07.2014: Trio in Graz bei Mocha -In Jakominiplatz mit Reini Winkler/drums und Herfried Knapp/bass

03.07.2014: Concert im Trio at Vineyard and Hotel Harkamp in Flamberg with Reini Winkler/drums and Herfried Knapp/bass

This is one of the most beautiful vineyards in southern Styria! Great food,vine and and unbelieveable view! We will be playing outside under the stars on a warm summer evening!

Book a room early!

Vineyard Harkamp

29.05.2014: Chuck LeMonds Solo: Projekt "Tower of Songs" im Stockschloss,Trofiach

Tower of Songs is a project organized by Irish musician Desmond Doyle, and is held in a beautiful room in a castle in Trofiach in Upper Styria. The acoustics are so good that there is no need for a PA system!

Info: Telephone 0650-4921334

14.03.2014: Songwriting Workshop/ BG Weiz

This is the 3rd day of the songwriting workshop!

07.03.2014: Songwriting Workshop/ BG Weiz

This is a songwriting workshop for very talented young musicians! 3 days.

19.10.2013: Tour in the Netherlands: at Cafe De Harmonie/Roswinkel

This will be my first time playing at the Cafe De Harmonie! I am looking forward to meeting people in Roswinkel.

18.10.2013: Tour Germany/Netherlands solo Chuck LeMonds at Podium Cafe Peter en Leni/Holland

I'm looking so much forward to going back up to the Netherlands and playing at Peter and Leni's new Podium Cafe! I'll also be doing some gigs in Germany along the way!

For more info:

Podium Cafe Peter en Leni




17.10.2013: Chuck LeMonds solo in Kinheim an der Mosel, Deutschland

I'm playing a solo gig at a cafe built in the horse barn of an old monastery along the Mosel River! An amazingly beautiful place run by old friends of mine!



Echternacherstrasse 2

54538 Kinheim an der Mosel


for info:

09.10.2013: Chuck LeMonds solo at Bookstore Plautz/Weiz: reading from Thrillers & music

This will be a reading of some of Austria's newest authors of thrillers! I will be playing instrumental music between readings!

at 7pm

22.09.2013: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty at Am Berner's near Bad Walterdorf, Austria

This will be a really cool place to be on this Sunday! Am Berner is bringing in a very special cook to prepare a culinary treat for all who come to the concert! it's a gorgeous place to hang out and hear music!

Please listen to Josh Harty's music here:


21.09.2013: Josh Harty and Chuck LeMonds " House Concert" near Gleisdorf, Austria

We are having a house concert at our place on Saturday,September 21st! We'll be making a soup and you bring what you like to drink!


20.09.2013: Chuck LeMonds and Josh Harty in Graz, Austria at the Brücke

Chuck will be doing a series of gigs with a fellow midwestern musician Josh Harty! He is a great singer and songwriter,and plays great guitar!

Check out Josh Harty's website and music...he's a great musician!

Watch for other listings for gigs around Austria to be added!

19.09.2013: Chuck LeMonds & Josh Harty at Vineyard & Hotel Harkamp in Flamberg, Austria

This is an incredibly beautiful vineyard with outstanding food and a view of the mountains. take a room and stay the night,and enjoy their world class wines!

For more info:

Check out Josh Harty's music,he is an awesome singer-songwriter and great guitarist!


08.08.2013: Chuck LeMonds,Klaus Ambrosch,Ismael Barrios at Weingartenhotel Harkamp at 8:00 pm

This will definately be a very cool ambient to hear music! We

We,e-guitarist Klaus Ambrosch,percussionist Ismael Barrios und ich will be playing out in the garden overlooking the vineyards! There is great food and wine with a view of the mountains in the distance! Come early and stay a room early!

, will play outside under a tent overlooking the vineyards with a view of the mountains! Great wine,food, and atmosphere!

Book a hotel room and stay the will be worth it!

21.07.2013: Solo :Chuck LeMonds will play at the Naggleralmhütte am Weissen See

I love to play at this mountain cabin over looking White Lake! One of my favorite places in Austria!


For more info:


16.05.2013: Chuck LeMonds and percussionist extraordinaire Ismael Barrios in Graz at 9pm

Where: Pierre's Cafe- Bar on Lendplatz 45 at 9pm!

03.05.2013: Chuck LeMonds Solo at Am Berner at 8:30 pm

It was a fantastic gig to a packed house! Thanks you all!

29.11.2012: A Tribute To Woody Guthrie in Literaturhaus Graz, Austria

A tribute concert for Woody who would have been 100 years old this month. There will be a multitude of musicians playing including Chuck LeMonds, Sir Oliver Malley,the band Okema, Ernst Pozar and Wolfgand Schnelzer and others.


05.05.2012: Wetzawinkel bei Gleisdorf, Bio-Pflanzenmarkt Scharler with Klaus Ambrosch

A very special place at the family Scharlers spring organic plant market! You'll get everything you need and some great music as well! Rain or shine it's always a great atmosphere!

Start: early afternoon!

19.04.2012: International Jazz Festival on the Island Speakaroog in the North Sea April 19-22

I've been invited together with an old friend Gottfried David Gfrerer,songwriter,guitarist and National Resophonic player, to take part at this beautiful music festival on Speakaroog off the coast of Germany in the North Sea.

16.04.2012: Workshop in Puch bei Weiz

12.04.2012: Graz, Stage Spotting, Jugend Zentrum Explosiv

Starting Time: 8pm

26.03.2012: Sargfabrik, Vienna, Chuck LeMonds & Klaus Ambrosch

12.03.2012: Music Workshop in Feldkirchen/Vorarlberg

02.03.2012: Music Workshop/BHAK Weiz

08.12.2011: Reading and Music in Weiz at Bookstore Plautz with Petra Schaller

This is a reading of pre-Advent zexts with musical interludes!

11.11.2011: Wolfsberg in Kärnten: Chuck LeMonds Solo

This is a solo gig at Murphy's pub in Wolfsberg!

10.10.2011: Music Workshop in Vorarlberg, Austria

27.09.2011: Songwriting Workshop in Graz, Austria Sept. 27-30

This is my yearly songwriting workshop with what is always a very talented group of young musician studying at a music school in Birkfeld. It's always fun to see what develops.

19.08.2011: Concert in River Falls, Wisconsin with the Chris Silver Band

There will be more information coming about the club and possibilities for staying the night for those that don't want to drive home.

08.07.2011: Concert in Altnau, Switzerland on Boden See

05.07.2011: Music Workshop in Bregenz, Austria

04.07.2011: Music Workshop in Fulpmes in Tirol, Austria

17.06.2011: Solo Concert OHO in Oberwart, Burgendland, Austria um 21 Uhr

für Info:


If the weather is good, I'll play in the garden cafe at Touch!

24.05.2011: Music Workshop in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria

23.05.2011: Music Workshop in St. Johann im Pongau, Austria